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Turn On, Tune In, Press Start

Posted on 18 May, 2016  in PC

Image from SKIPI by Timothy Leary

Psychedelic. (Credit: New York Public Library via The New York Times)


Plenty of video games are described as truly bizarre experiences, likened to an acid trip.  From Katamari Damacy to Seaman, the retro game collector will find no shortage of the unusual and strange, often from the fantasy playgrounds that emerged from Japanese developers’ minds in the 1990s.


But for a truly long, strange trip, one must venture to the New York Public Library, where there resides the recently rediscovered video game ventures by 1960s counterculture icon Timothy Leary.


As outlined in The New York Times in 2013, librarians rediscovered a trove of experimental PC games created and inspired by the famous psychologist and endorser of LSD.  The games are mostly incomplete, though at least one managed a small commercial release: Mind Mirror arrived on various home computer platforms in 1985 with the help of a little publisher known as Electronic Arts.


If you’re curious, you can try a modern incarnation of Mind Mirror for yourself right now on Facebook.  And if you’re in New York, be sure to pay a visit to the library for a unique peek into video game history from the most unlikely of sources.


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Now in Madden NFL: Tattoos

Posted on 24 August, 2014  in Random


Hardcore hipster gaming blog NPR reports Madden NFL ’15 will, for the first time, feature real tattoos on American football players.


Why is this unusual? As the story explains, tats are increasingly becoming the source of copyright lawsuits, as tattoo artists (in America, anyway) can make legal claims as to intellectual property ownership. They can demand royalties for displaying their ink in commercial enterprises — except, apparently, for NFL games.


There aren’t many other games I can think of wherein this would be an issue, save other sports sims, such as FIFA and NBA2K. And, perhaps, a Kickstarter-backed revival of Mike Tyson’s No Copyright Infringement Intended 8-Bit Boxing Game.


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SantEA Claus Makes a Gamer’s Holiday Happy

Posted on 19 December, 2013  in Uncategorized

A collection of EA products sent to a gamer by the publisher.



Currently going viral on the Twitters is this photo series from a Reddit user who drew a very lucky name in that site’s MMO secret Santa. Apparently an Electronic Arts employee decided to make it a Christmas he’ll never forget, sending more than two-dozen games and a bunch of other EA swag.


See, they’re not the worst company in America after all!


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