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Posted on 9 August, 2014  in Nintendo, Random, Sony, Wii U


What might happen if we got a Super Smash Bros.-style Mario Kart mash-up? And if PlayStation characters started showing up, too?

YouTube animator Flashgitz takes a totally NSFW stab at it in this cartoon, but since it’s the weekend you probably don’t have to worry about it. Unless you’re at work on the weekend, which I totally get.


Anyway, you have been warned. Contains naughty language and partial Peach / Daisy nudity. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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Buy Mario Kart 8, Get a Wii Wheel Free

Posted on 30 May, 2014  in Wii U

Photo of a Wii U wheel accessory for the Wii Remote and an unopened copy of Mario Kart 8.


The best Mario Kart 8┬ápre-order bonus doesn’t even require a pre-order. Many Target stores are offering a free, official MK8 Wii Wheel with purchase. I got mine as soon as my nearby store opened this morning. It has Mario on it and everything! (No Mercedes logo, though.)

Supplies may be limited, as the Target I shop at had only three Wii Wheels available for the promotion. Naturally, they had just six copies of the game. Go figure.


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